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Breaking open the head

Breaking Open The Head by Daniel Pinchbeck This is one of the most recent books I've read, also one of the most interesting, and influential books I've ever read. So good, I felt compelled to write the author, and let him know that.


TimeQuake by Kurt Vonnegut
A Timequake is a universal hiccup, of sorts. Science fiction writer, Kilgore Trout theorizes that the universe, which had been expanding since the big bang, suddenly decided to have a "family reunion." For ten years, from February 17, 1991 to February 13, 2001, the universe turned in on itself. It shrank, instead of expanding. On Earth, humans were instantly zapped to 1991 and forced to repeat the decade. Unfortunately, humans were repeating everything. There was no free will.

Gospel of the redman

The Gospel Of The Redman by ET.Seton & J. Seton

"When the manuscript (Gospel of the Redman) was complete we were visited by a Jewish rabbi, a profound scholar, who after a careful reading, said: 'But this is straight Judaism!' We were glad of his endorsement. Some weeks later, two Presbyterian ministers from the Eastern States declared that 'it was exactly what the modern Presbyterian Church taught.'

"A Greek Catholic Archbishop assured us that it was 'pure Catholicism, divested of certain rites and ceremonies'.

"A Quaker said it was just what his Church preached; and a Unitarian minister declared it 'the purest Emersonian Unitarianism'. Finally, a Mason said it was nothing but the teachings of his Order.

"So it would seem that it must be real religion since it is universal, basic and fundamental. As a corollary, then, it must be acceptable to a world seeking a way out of dogma into truth..." (from the foreword, by Julia M. Seton, 1937 edition)

"Although known best as a writer of animal stories, he dedicated a large part of his life to helping the Indian wherever he could; but more, to helping the Whiteman realize the value of the doctrines by which the Redman lived in the days of his unspoiled grandeur.

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