Welcome to the world of Chris Amon

Mom & Grandfather

This here's my Mom, and my grandfather. I suspect he's at some kind of honorable veterans service, as he is quite the war hero. Take a look at his website.

Dad working on camp

Here's my Dad, and my uncle working on the camp.


Here's me grandfatha again, with a killah shahk. This guy's a real meanie! Just hev a looook at those chompahs!

Grandfather fishing
Brother Mike

This here, is my tree-huggin' brother, his wife and friends somewhere down under.

Mike and Jennah

Here's my brother Mike, and my sister Jennah. This was a few years back, during a time when it was acceptable to sport a do like that. Mike lives in Sydney Australia, and is working to get his PH.D. in the field of biochemistry. I'm very proud of him, as he's done very good for himself. I keep telling my folks it's ok, one out of four is pretty good.

Brother Phillip

This is Philip, my brother. He doesn't like to be judged, so don't judge him.


This is Predator.

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