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Oh, Canada!



Vancouver's Chinatown was first built at the marshy extremity of False Creek. This meant that the surrounding land was too wet for foundations, and the surrounding houses were not on a sewer line. Leprosy and pulmonary tuberculosis became major causes of death. In 1899, the Chinese accounted for one ninth of the city's total mortality. These miserable conditions lasted throughout the 19th century and into the first quarter of the 20th century.

Other lives were lost to a smallpox epidemic. In 1883, the Yale Sentinel paper decried their living conditions, and the lack of concern or medical attention provided to the Chinese by their employers.


Of course the Acadian Deportation of 1755 to 1763 was a shameful chapter in Canadian history that saw British soldiers burn Acadian villages to the ground, confiscate rich farmlands and force 10,000 French-speaking Maritimers into exile.

I am Canadian

For many Canadians, slavery is synonymous with the American Deep South. While much is known about Canada as a home for fugitive slaves from the United States, very few know that Canada has its own chapter in the shameful history of slavery. Slaves were in Canada in the earliest settlements, particularly the then New France. Many of these slaves were brought directly from Africa. According to historians, by 1759, there were as many 1,132 African slaves in New France. Slavery remained legal in Canada 1833.



Sydney Nova Scotia's, tar ponds are well documented. the tar ponds are North America's largest toxic waste site. The "monster" as it is often referred to, contains over 700,000 tonnes of toxic sludge, of which an estimated 50,000 tonnes are contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The "tar ponds" are actually not ponds at all. the accumulated toxic waste is situated in a tidal estuary, which sends PCBs to the ocean with every tidal cycle. To put the problem in perspective, the tar ponds contain over 35 times the amount of toxic sludge contained in New York's infamous Love Canal. It is a scary place, when it rains puddles turn fluorescent green. Perhaps most disturbing is that the area is still being used as a dump. The wasteland is bordered by homes, ball fields, playgrounds, schools, supermarkets, and restaurants. Tests have proven that the deadly toxic brew has invaded their lawns, a brook where children play and even the groundwater beneath the streets.

I do love our country, but I also feel we've got a few 'corpses' that should be given a proper burial.

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